What’s the Forward blog about?

‘Forward’ is a blog of many bloggers. Most (not all) are members of the Jesus Fellowship, a UK church with a vision to ‘gather a people whose lives are being transformed by Jesus’. This blog is a place where we get into conversation and debate about how that’s best done. Themes that you can expect to find explored here include: God-inspired movement; relational and missional church for every kind of person; sacrificial love; sharing and community; the adventure following Jesus in the 21st century…

The aim is that people who contribute are practitioners not theorists. We want to hear from people who are ‘doing the stuff’ for Jesus where they are.

As posts and comments on this blog are part of an ongoing conversation between individuals, they don’t necessarily express the views of the whole of the Jesus Fellowship.

Years ago, the Jesus Fellowship produced a book called ‘Fire in our Hearts’ – it told the story of the Jesus Fellowship from its beginnings in the charismatic revival of the 1960s and 70s until the turn of the millennium. This blog carries on the story as it is actually happening today. We – along with many others in the UK and around the world – are ‘following the fire’. Join the conversation. Join the movement.

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