We need vision. Can we start with a blank sheet?

We need vision. It’s easy to see what’s wrong about a church if you’re around for a while, and we’ve been facing up to a lot of that over recent years. It’s also easy to point the finger at people who may seem to be slacking or backsliding, and blame them for failures.

But people need vision to inspire them, something to capture their imagination, that makes them think ‘I want to do that too!’

So what is the vision? Is it simply what we’ve been doing since the 70’s – community, brotherhood, evangelism, church businesses, etc? Just get the fire and make it work better?

Oh we always need the fire, but maybe the wineskin can be renewed to hold fresh wine. God seems to be into fresh starts, new expressions, if history is a guide.

Can we start with a blank sheet plus the New Testament and reinvent community and even church? We have experience to help avoid pitfalls and jewels of grace to cherish and include.

Who’s up for trying? Who’s got some vision? Count me in.

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