Mission Brings Out The Best In Us

Three weeks ago, I picked up a few friends who were new to the country and took them to our mid-week small group. When I got to the hostel where they stay, eight happy souls were waiting for me outside. I wound the window down, waved, and called them to cross the road to get into the minibus. We began talking as soon as they sat. I enjoyed their company for that half hour journey to our small group.

When we got to the house, the meeting had already started. We quietly went in and found some empty seats.

During worship, I looked across the room to see how my friends were doing. Most of them had never been to a Christian meeting before; it was all new to them. I could see they were deeply touched.

There were few announcements after the worship, then someone talked about God’s forgiveness and how it frees us from feeling guilty.

When the meeting finished, my friends asked me if I could pray with them; they saw others in the group receiving prayer and didn’t want to miss out. I asked one of them what he wanted me to pray for; he said he felt ‘a kind of warmth’ in his heart and asked me to pray so he could receive and understand more of God.

At nine o’clock, I took them to their hostel. On the way back, as I was driving home, I reflected on the evening. I felt happy: meeting new people and helping them connect with God had brought me deep satisfaction. I felt I was at my best, something I hadn’t experienced for a while. That was when the phrase ‘mission brings out the best in us’ flashed through my mind.

I noticed I had gained considerable confidence and joy by giving myself to others. Helping them connect with God had made me happy! There was nothing particularly extraordinary about my interaction with them, yet it was surprisingly refreshing.

I had experienced a connection and a sense of being on mission that gave me confidence.

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