Do Churches Disciple The Wrong Way?

Video by Richard Jacobson.

For some teachers it’s all about transferring knowledge, while for others application is the name of the game.

When crowds flocked to Jesus he sat down to sermonize, but with his disciples it was different. He called the twelve to follow him, and they literally physically did just that, so he taught them in normal life as they encountered lessons on their shared journey together.

outdoor-teachingThere was that impromptu and demonstrative lesson about faith while crossing a stormy sea, a lesson on not worrying about where their meals would come from while wandering through the fields (were their stomachs rumbling at the time?), one on the greatness of humility in response to a fallout and some important truths taught on servant-leadership with a hands-on illustration using a bowl of water and a towel.

Jesus spent three years pouring everything he had into these twelve guys, teaching them to do what he did and sending them (then seventy two others) out ahead of him on mission. It appears he reserved a more didactic monologue style for his crowd proclamation, to those who weren’t ‘in the fold’, who weren’t ‘under his yoke’.

So often we try to do with disciples what Jesus did with crowds.

How should we disciple like Jesus? If Jesus’ model of discipleship is our best example, is our modern Church’s penchant for classes and out-of-normal-life schooling compatible with that example?

How can we, like the example in the video above, teach one another to follow Jesus in settings more like a music class than a history lesson?

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