The Danger of Corporate Wealth

Corporate wealth will always eventually end up as a snare and a stumbling block to the Church and ours will be no exception. How will we know when we are too rich? We seem so far from being the “Church of the poor” that we style ourselves as.

Do we really believe that “it is more blessed to give than to receive”? If we did we’d always be skirting debt and miraculous provision would become blessedly normal. I believe both God and the members of our church would be much happier to give generously to a generous church than to a selfish church, protecting its assets for a rainy day.

The answer to the dilemma of corporate wealth is to decentralize it, and to give the purse strings and the decision-making processes that go with it, to the elders of each regional Body.

Autonomous, decentralised governance (with patriarchal rather than dictatorial apostles) is much more scriptural and has much more scope for ownership by the members in that locality, with charitable giving from the surplus wealth going into people and projects on their own doorstep. When members of a congregation know how much or how little is in the pot, they will recognize the need for faith and will claim God’s provision.

The “bank in the temple court” which threw Jesus into a zealous frenzy will be totally turned around as the moneymaking temple courts become a place of emancipating equality and generous distribution.

If you’ve got to the end of this article and you’re thinking “yes, but…” or “no, because…” write your “yes but” or “no because” in the comments below.
  • Just read this written by the Pope along similar lines: “Excessive centralisation, rather than proving helpful, complicates the Church’s life and her missionary outreach.”

  • bill howbert

    I agree with what Joram is writing here. We need to “feel” money, rather than it being an abstract, notional, over-centralised thing.

  • Clive Millman

    A good article the Church should always generous. However whilst giving to projects on ones doorstep is good there is a need for richer regions in the Church to support poorer regions eg how Paul encouraged other Churches to give from their surplus to the Jersusalem Church because of that Church’s poverty caused by famine & persecution so it is helpful to have some level of a centralised wineskin to faciltate this redistribution of wealth

  • John Campbell

    Jesus also commended the widow putting all her money into the (central) Temple treasury, so it wasn’t that that caused a “righteous frenzy”

  • Justin

    To be able to share, it’s important to have, sharing church weath is sharing when you actively participate in it.
    A son cannot dispose the weath of a father, he can only truly share the part which is his. In a battle that been won, those who participate (even though they are wounded), celebrate & identify on a special level because they participate in the “cost or price”